Yamaha Introduces New High End Stereo Integrated Amplifier and CD/SACD Player

AUTHOR: HiddenWires

Yamaha has a long and exemplary history in HiFi, spanning from entry level stereo integrated amplifiers to network streaming products and...

Yamaha has a long and exemplary history in HiFi, spanning from entry level stereo integrated amplifiers to network streaming products and even on to flagship SACD players with integrated reference level USB DACs. This means it is of great pleasure for us to introduce to you the A-S2100, our new high end Stereo Integrated Amplifier; and the CD-S2100 CD/SACD Player with USB DAC designed by Steinberg for Yamaha. For us, audio is not just sound. Musicality is incredibly important when it comes to HiFi. If you cannot feel and breathe the emotion of the artist from a Yamaha HiFi system, it is not worthy of the badge.
 Silence. Emotion. Dynamics. It is these which make music what it truly is... Exciting! Enveloping! Enjoyable! Yamaha High End HiFi CD-S2100 and A-S2100 The A-S2100 features a truly unique Yamaha Floating and Balanced Power Amplifier. This is an original design from Yamaha and a more advanced design is featured on the A-S3000; our flagship HiFi Amplifier. The design of the circuit adopts output elements with the same polarity on the plus and minus sides of the output stage; by using a balanced design we completely separate the Negative Feedback circuit from the power supply giving us a cleaner, richer sound. The A-S2100 utilises MOSFET amplification which gives us a very similar sound to valve amplification; without the expense and the fragile nature of valve technology. The MOSFET amplifier also works in conjunction with our Floating and Balanced Power Amplifier as it has the same polarity on both sides. The CD-S2100 features a new high-precision drive mechanism to eliminate jitter and unwanted noise from the disc. It also features a USB DAC designed by Steinberg exclusively for Yamaha. The USB DAC works in conjunction with a high resolution 32-bit ESS SABRE DAC (ES9016) for a truly phenomenal and expressive sound from USB and digital sources. The digital and analogue circuitry inside the CD-S2100 is truly separated, with independent power supplies for each side. Isolating the digital and analogue circuits starting at the transformer step elininates sound quality deterioration caused by interferance and noise between the digital and analogue circuits themselves. The result is an exceptionally clear, low-noise reproduction of analogue audio. The analogue power transformer is toroidal, with a winding, stabilised power supply circuit which completey isolates the left and right sides. This acheives a superior separation, something very important for HiFi. 
Both the A-S2100 and CD-S2100 will be available from Summer 2014, the SRP will be: A-S2100: £1699.95 CD-S2100: £1599.95 uk.yamaha.com