Chord Company unveils new Epic USB

AV cable specialist, Chord Company has launched the new Epic USB, a hand-built cable engineered to provide a pure signal to a range of USB DACs, music streamers and digital source components.

The production of the Epic USB was based on lessons learned from the recently developed (up-range) Signature Super ARAY USB; the new Epic USB’s performance is only fractionally behind that of the original Signature USB.

According to the company, the Epic USB has a performance level usually only found in more expensive models, thanks to the hybrid design which is engineered with a focus on the most important elements in the cable. 

The cable features UK-made ultra-low-resistance silver-plated copper Ohmic connectors, common to the Signature Super ARAY range, to connect the signal-runs of shielded, silver-plated copper conductors. 

Epic USB also features Chord Company’s long-established flagship Tuned ARAY technology, maximising performance and sonic accuracy at a given price point.

Priced at £400 for one metre, Epic USB is available now. 

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