EXCLUSIVE: Chowmain intros module for URC Total Control 2.0

Chowmain has announced the launch of its IP-based module for URC Total Control 2.0, bringing control to UK-based Sky set top boxes.

The newly developed module eliminated the need to attach small infra-red emitters to the set top box often required for installations.

Faster than IR control (‘by 3-10 times’ according to the software developer), the module reduces the likelihood of accidental bud drop offs and IR bleeding if multiple boxes are positioned in a rack.

It is compatible with the Sky+ HD, Sky Q and Sky Q mini boxes.

In addition to IP control, the module provides users with the most up-to-date guide data by allowing them to see what’s currently playing and what’s playing next on their TV, as well as channel artwork and different genres via URC’s user interface.

Customers can channel surf directly from their URC TKP-5500, TKP-7500, TKP-7600, TDC-7100 and iOS/Android applications.

The module is available now from Chowmain.

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