Flic Twist home control introduced as easy solution for entire family

A Swedish company has launched its latest solution for smart home control, combining a button and dial to make it easy for all members of the family to control the home.

Following on from the successful launch of the Flic smart button, Flic Twist is a wireless solution that can be placed anywhere in the home and is designed to be as easy to use as a wall dimmer to control smart devices throughout the home.

The Flic Twist is the product of years spent understanding the needs of smart home users when it comes to controlling their devices. Research has show that voice commands and apps are not always as intuitive as regular wall switches and dimmers, and many users struggle teaching and remembering voice commands or different apps controlling different devices, which also need to be installed on each user’s phone.

Keeping the simplicity of the original Flic button, Flic Twist gives more control to homeowners, family and guests without relying on voice control, apps, or having to explain how it works.

Flic Twist can be operated by either pushing the button in the middle of by rotating the dial. For more possibilities, users can also push and hold the button while rotating the dial.

The push functionality can triggers events such as toggling the lights or activating Alexa routines, just like the original Flic button. The new rotation interaction helps to adjust the atmosphere, from the brightness and colour of lighting to the volume of smart speakers. The advanced push-rotate option allows another variation; while rotate can dim the lights in a specific room, push-rotate can dim the entire house. It allows for many other possibilities with features that can blend between scenes or setting up to 12 custom triggers for advanced users.

Flic has also joined the Connectivity Standards Alliance, the alliance behind the new smart home standard Matter, which will launch next year. Matter support will also be coming to the Flic Hub, allowing all existing Flic Buttons and the new Flic Twist to control any Matter compatible device.

Flic products already support major device manufacturers such as LIFX, Philips Hue, and Sonos.

The wireless Flic Twist solution has replaceable batteries and be mounted anywhere including a table or mounted with a magnetic wall mount plate.

Flic Twist has launched on Kickstarter today.

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