Game changing new Sonance Motion Flex Invisible range

Distributor, Habitech has introduced the new Sonance Motion Flex Invisible speaker range to UK integrators, promising to be a game changer for the invisible speaker market.

Following two years of research into the physics of flat diaphragms, Sonance engineers have developed a completely invisible speaker design that reproduces the same sound quality as a visible speaker. 

Working to find the happy medium between being aesthetically pleasing as well as acoustically sound, the Sonance team have used proprietary test and measurement processes to overcome this challenge. 

Traditionally, all invisible speakers, including Sonance models, mount drivers to a metal frame and drive the diaphragm directly and simultaneously. However, there is nothing to stop waves from the mid driver rippling outwards to interfere with those from the bass driver on the same radiating surface, boosting distortion and colouration. 

The launch of the Sonance Motion Flex Invisible speaker range is a breakthrough design where Sonance has found a way to isolate discrete wave patterns on a single diaphragm for optimum fidelity.

Sonance’s new Motion Flex technology blends proprietary diaphragm, drivers, isolating baffle and CDX crossover to preserve the bending wave motion of the wide response Wave Flex mid/HF driver and the pistonic output of the Air Flex woofer on the same panel without interference. 

The baffle holding the drivers is permanently bonded to the diaphragm at the periphery and between the drivers, allowing the area in front of the drivers to radiate freely. 

Effectively, the Motion Flex design divides the diaphragm into two discrete radiators, isolating the output of the Wave Flex driver from the Air Flex woofer, producing significantly lower levers of distortion and colouration, and setting a performance benchmark for invisible speakers. 

The speaker manufacturer has also improved installation practicality by making the Motion Flex baffle 12mm, the same depth as the surrounding plasterboard, creating an effortlessly flush install. Additionally, the speakers have a narrower rear profile, making them compatible with stud and joist spacing down to 12-in (305mm). 

Incorporating the Sonance Depth Identification Sensing Calibration (DISC) feature, it measures finish depth to confirm that the ideal finish thickness of 1-1.5mm has been applied. 

The new range will feature six Motion Flex invisible models ideal for home sound application, including home cinemas, depending on room size and required bass levels. 

The new IS6 is the smallest model in the range and can be paired with its companion, the IS10W sub for invisible multiroom audio with extended bass response. The IS8 is better installed into a larger room, while the IS10 is perfect for the largest spaces. 

Joining the new range soon is the 100V line IS8T and the IS15W, an 818 x 818mm panel for use with the IS6 and IS8 to create a dynamic but completely invisible cinema sound system for high end home cinema projects. 

The new models all have a mounting depth of 68mm apart from the IS15W which is 86mm. 

“I have 100% confidence that if these were put behind a screen and you had no idea what was playing, in a million years you would not guess that this was an invisible speaker product, even when compared with any of our competitors’ visible speakers,” commented Todd Ryan, Sonance’s chief engineer. 

To support the roll out of its Motion Flex Invisible speaker range, Sonance has also released an easy to set up, completely mobile and self-contained demo kit, allowing the direct comparison of Motion Flex technology with flagship architectural speakers. 

Integrators can contact Habitech to arrange a demo of the new range.