Gira squares up its lighting with Gira Cube motion detector

Gira has introduced the Gira Cube motion detector, designed to automate exterior lighting at homes.

Able to detect and respond to changes in ambient light and thermal motion, the new Gira Cube will monitor a property’s exterior lighting and then automatically switch on when ambient brightness and/or thermal motion from a passer-by is identified. 

Combining precision sensors, the Gira Cube motion detector minimises energy waste by only illuminating when necessary and does not respond to events such as a gust of wind or torrential rain. 

With a 120-degree detection angle which can be altered to 240-degrees, the Gira Cube is suitable for confined spaces as well as areas requiring an extra-wide range. It is supplied with a discreet covering panel that enables the observation radius to be altered. 

Fully protected against outdoor environments, the motion detector meets protection class IP54 so is safe against things such as dust and water splashes. 

The Gira Cube can be used through a conventional installation or as part of a KNX system, thanks to its flexible mounting system which supports exterior and interior application on both walls and ceilings. 

When installed as part of a Gira KNX system, it can be fully integrated into any lighting units already in-situ. 

Integrators also have the option to provide end users with adaptable lighting control where they can choose long or short lighting durations. This includes an ‘off delay’ function that extends illumination time from five seconds to up to 15 minutes. The homeowner can also select up to two hours of continuous light if required. 

The Gira Cube motion detector is available in two finishes: Pure White Glossy or Anthracite.