Gira unveils Studio Design Line

Gira has announced that is has launched its 3 model-strong Studio Design Line.

Gira states the range has been introduced to allow installers to “emphasise design through colour and create a uniform or contrasting aesthetic”.

Available in ‘Black’ and ‘White Glass’ with 3 different variants, installers have the option to create a one-colour design where both the round frame and square switch are in the same finish, or create a two-tone effect with white on black or black on white, with the range.

The three installation options comprise of a 1-gang flush-mounted option, a 1-3 gang flush-mounted version and also surface-mounted option. Gira’s flush-mounted Studio option is intended to be a contemporary option – featuring a glass cover frame, whereas the surface-mounted model is for more traditional environments, with period-style design inspired by 20th-century style round dome light switches.

Both flush-mounted products can be installed in standard round European back boxes. The surface-mounted model is housed in impact resistant, shatter-proof, halogen-free thermoplastic (PC).

All of the range supports over 300 functions in the home, and is designed to work with the Gira System 55 range.

Gira Studio can raise and lower blinds each day with the standard blind control button and offers a contactless switch with integrated LED orientation that illuminates when motion is detected, in addition to a range of complementary sockets, outlets and accessories.

“Our aim is to continue designing and manufacturing intelligent build solutions which answer current trends. The introduction of Gira Studio answers the industry’s growing desire for eclectic interior schemes where period-style design is modernised through cutting-edge technology,” commented Mark Booth, MD of Gira’s UK division.

“The addition of retro accessories and the ability to design with multiple styles and sizes provides creative freedom and tailored specification.”

Gira’s Studio Design Line is available from October 2018 onwards.