Intrinsic intros IP drivers for Apple TV

Driver developer Intrinsic Group has announced the launch of an Apple TV range of IP-controlled driver modules.

The new drivers are designed to support installers with full integration and easy access to the capabilities of Apple TV.

Providing two-way IP control of Apple TV devices, the range provides full access to metadata (including album artwork, now playing name, current position and duration) and allows homeowners to navigate to a specific position by dragging on the slider and jumping to a required point. On compatible platforms this dragging feature can also be linked to voice control platforms for added convenience.

“Apple TV is an incredibly popular, yet continually evolving, media player that features in the vast majority of home technology projects,” commented Will Hopkins, CEO of Intrinsic Group.

“Standard control methodology is via IR.  Whilst this works, it has its limitations since it offers no way of accessing the product’s renowned and intuitive set of features,” he continues. “It’s also common for the IR bud to drop off, or for the deflector to slip, resulting in the homeowner losing control and beaming IR signals to multiple units at the same time.”

“Our new range of driver modules allows installers to deliver a much better, more reliable and more cost-effective IR-free approach to controlling Apple TV in the home.”

Certified ‘Intrinsic Connected’ (the manufacturer’s quality standard), these modules also include features specifically designed for an installer – for instance, they work using the IP address (eliminating the need to acquire sensitive usernames and passwords) and were created to be as lightweight and fast (and ultimately, reduce call-outs).

Intrinsic adds that “code is optimised to minimise resource use on control processors and is fully field and beta tested, with support provided via Intrinsic’s 24/7 online ticketing system.”

Intrinsic currently offers Apple TV drivers for Crestron (including Crestron Studio) and ELAN, with Control4, RTI and URC modules currently in development.

Drivers are licensed on an individual install basis rather than per device so that any number of Apple TVs can be integrated onto a single project for one price. Free copies are available for dealers to trial in their own homes or on demo systems, prior to installation.