James Loudspeaker blends in with new Microperf grilles for Small Aperture lineup

James Loudspeakers has introduced a Microperf grille to its Small Aperture architectural loudspeaker range with smaller perforations to make them almost invisible.

The new grille’s smaller perforations offer a less obtrusive, virtually invisible presentation that blends into any décor while still providing almost identical frequency response and dispersion to the original grilles. 
Available now, the new Microperf grilles will come as standard on all James Loudspeaker Small Aperture models.

James Loudspeaker - Grille Side by Side
Side by side comparison with old grille design

Keith Parke, national sales director at James Loudspeaker, said: “The objective of this new grille design was to create a solution that is even more appealing to the architects, designers and homeowners who work with our network of integrators. 

“Our Small Aperture lineup has been adopted as the definitive architectural speaker solution, and we are always striving to make even subtle improvements that bring added value to our customers.”

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