Leviton Introduces Intercom Door Station for Omni Security & Automation Systems

Leviton has announced availability of the new Intercom Door Station for use with comprehensive Omni security and automation systems.

The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) compliant, Power over Ethernet (PoE) Intercom Door Station is designed for either single-family homes or single business properties, providing a capacitive touch interface commonly placed at front doors or gates. This new communication solution includes snapshot previews on up to four Leviton Touchscreens before system users accept a call as well as quick, relay activation to effortlessly open a door or gate.

In addition to the Intercom Door Station hardware, further intercom support has been added to this solution including an overall enhancement of audio quality. Users can now communicate via audio between Leviton Touchscreens acting as a traditional intercom system. Additionally, a homeowner or employee may page a group of Touchscreens on the premises. New ringtones have also been implemented to distinguish between a door station call and a touchscreen-to- touchscreen call.

“What’s great about the Intercom Door Station is that it offers users heightened security of their residence or commercial property while also granting access to guests in seconds,” said Tom Morgan, Director of Product Management for the Leviton Energy Management, Controls and Automation business unit. “An additional unique feature to this solution is that the individual inside can answer or deny the call after previewing a snapshot of the guest and can let them inside using the on-screen relay activation button.”

Leviton’s Intercom Door Station utilizes the standardized SIP communication protocol and connects to a required third-party SIP server for operation. Additional station features include a wide-angle, high-resolution IP camera, LED for illumination, a capacitive touch call button and relay capabilities for gate and door triggers. The built-in speaker and Omni-directional microphone along with adjustable speaker volume and microphone sensitivity ensures proper installation inside the provided metal backbox for an attractive flush mount appearance.

The Intercom Door Station is now available from Leviton under part number INDS1-00S. This solution can be used in conjunction with Leviton OmniPro II, Omni IIe or Omni LTe security and automation systems.


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