LG ups its display game with 325” TV

LG has announced a new fine-pitch direct view LED (DVLED) home cinema display that will play rival to Samsung’s The Wall.

With various size and performance options, integrators can help customers choose the right display to fit in their home. The new display is available from 2K to 8K configurations and screen sizes start at 108” up to 325”.

The new display offers four sizes to choose from in a 2K resolution and four sizes in a 4K resolution. The real flagship cinema experience is gained with LG’s 8K DVLED home cinema display, with a screen size of 325”.

The company is also offering a Dual2K Ultra Stretch format which provides viewers with a seamless, double-wide viewing experience with a screen size up to 196”.

Dual2K Ultra Stretch. Image: LG

There is no word on price or availability yet for LG’s new DVLED displays.

Main image: LG's new 8K DVLED 325" home cinema display. Image: LG