Linn introduce next gen Klimax DSM streamer

Linn has unveiled the next generation Klimax DSM streamer, describing it as “the closest you can get to streaming audio perfection”.

The new device completely reimagines the flagship streamer, applying almost five decades of digital technology learnings and expertise to the next generation Klimax DSM. It features a new custom-designed enclosure that provides acoustic isolation while still making it aesthetically pleasing in luxury homes.

Next generation Klimax DSM joins Selekt DSM and Majik DSM in Linn’s DSM family of products sitting at the top of the range.

There are two variants of the Klimax DSM available; customers have the choice between Klimax DSM (Audio) for those only wanting to connect music sources. The second variant, Klimax DSM (AV) features HDMI connections to enable an enriched listening experience from both music and movie sources.

There is also a Klimax System Hub which is designed for customers looking for the highest performance from a complete Linn system. Housed in the same new enclosure as next generation Klimax DSM for acoustic isolation, it also includes the new and improved ADC, as well as offering the same inputs as Klimax DSM (AV) variant, but offering the option to upgrade with surround capability.

Organik DAC

A brand-new critical component sits at the heart of the next generation Klimax DSM – the Organik DAC, Linn’s first and very own, ground breaking digital to analogue converter.

Gilad Tiefenbrun, Linn’s managing director said: “Organik is a momentous achievement for Linn, making next generation Klimax DSM our most natural sounding product ever. Combined with a new level of precision machined casework, and stunning visual and tactile interfaces, it’s the epitome of extreme engineering.”

Five decades of audio innovation and three decades of digital technology expertise has gone into the creation of Organik DAC, manufactured entirely in-house at Linn’s Glasgow factory.

Developed from first principles, it combines FPGA processing with a discrete conversion stage to enable Linn to precisely control and optimise every stage of the digital to analogue conversion process for the first time.

The FPGA processing stage uses custom-designed algorithms to provide increased upsampling, more precise volume control, and distortion free modulation. The discrete conversion stage renders the analogue signal with extremely low levels of distortion using a new ultra-low jitter oscillator and carefully designed clock distribution network. To reduce signal paths to an absolute minimum, these are combined within a unique double-sided design.

A completely Linn-built DAC, each component has been selected, designed and laid out by a Linn engineer and populated on a Linn circuit board.

Organik has been designed to reveal more detail in the music, offering the most accurate recreation of the original signal that Linn has ever achieved, and significantly lowering noise and distortion.

New casing

Linn has developed new advanced in-house manufacturing technology to enable the company to precision engineer the solid, custom-designed casework, which is designed to preserve original music detail while exhibiting a luxury aesthetic.

Taking on a fresh look from previous iterations in the Linn DSM family, the next generation Klimax DSM is machined from solid, special grade aluminium.

Vibration is isolated by the mass of the product as well as its internal damping, and the analogue, digital and power stages are all separated through precision-cut pockets and partitions to fully protect the electronics from any interface within.

Featuring diamond-cut circles on the upper surface, it pays homage to Linn’s Sondek LP12, echoing the grooves of a record.

Versatile connections

Supporting up to 24-bit 384kHz and DSD256 audio resolution, the next generation Klimax DSM offers high-performance audio through both streaming and connected devices.

Users can enjoy an added benefit when connected to an analogue source thanks to a higher performance, lower distortion ADC design which has its own circuit board with dedicated power supply. The Exakt Link ports enable direct connection of an LP12 with Urika II.

Direct connection to a computer is also possible using the USB input. Klimax DSM also features built-in wireless connectivity to enable easy connection of source via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The AV variant of the Klimax DSM offers HDMI inputs and again uses Organik DAC to enhance the performance of all connected AV source. It also provides eARC for smart TV support.


Linn has introduced trade-in options for customers with existing Klimax DS, Klimax DSM or Klimax System Hub.

Klimax DSM is available to order now. The Klimax DSM (Audio) and (AV) variants are both priced at £30,000 and the Klimax System Hub is priced at £15,000.