Loewe Introduces klang 1 Speaker

German manufacturer Loewe has announced the first of a new generation of speakers called ‘klang’ (‘klang’ means ‘sound’ in German). The klang 1 is a pair of discreet satellite speakers designed to work in a multitude of configurations, from stereo to surround sound.

Featuring an understated cylindrical design, each klang 1 speaker features a 3in. full range driver, is covered with a black acoustic material with no visible screws, seams or fixings, and comes with a choice of dedicated stand options, including wall-mount, integrated table base or stainless steel floor stand. The speaker also features klang 1 also features gilded metal clamps for the speaker cables and hidden cable management that uses a magnetic cover to hide the connections from view.

Lowe suggest pairing the new speaker with their recently launched Subwoofer 300,  which features a compact aluminium casing packing in three 15cm bass drivers – one active unit driven by 150 watts of built-in amplification and two passive radiators – plus further onboard amp modules delivering 2x75W to drive a pair of stereo speakers.  When combined, the klang 1 speakers and Subwoofer 300 form a 2.1 speaker system, complete with fully integrated power amplification. The klang 1 also benefits from the subwoofer’s built-in signal processing.

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