Lutron partners with Google Home

Lutron has added Google Assistant to its list of technologies from which users can control their lights using voice.

Following partnerships with Apple and Amazon, Lutron has rolled out integration with Google Assistant with its Caseta wireless line of smart wall switches, plug-in switches and accessories in the US, with the UK and Europe expected to follow in the near future.

"Lutron has made it a point to work with leading brands," said Neil Orchowski, executive at Lutron. "From a voice control perspective, the Google Assistant was a no-brainer."

The integration will offer similar functions to Siri and Alexa, meaning Lutron Caseta Wireless clients can ask a Google Home device, the Google Pixel phone or other selected Android devices to turn individual lights or groups of lights on and off, or to dim or brighten them.

One differentiating factor from Alexa devices will be that customers will be able to ask the Google Assistant whether or not they've left any of their lights on, as with Siri. Although Orchowski has publically stated that multidevice scene controls on the Google Home cannot be used to the same level of Siri and Alexa just yet.

Integration with Lutron’s RadioRA 2 or HomeWorks QS setups will be rolled out in June in the US.