Marantz launches Melody X, a small hi-fi system for modern music lovers

The Marantz Melody X is the latest true hi-fi system launched from the company, featuring CD playback, DAB, modern music streaming, voice control and multiroom via built-in HEOS technology.

Designed for the modern audiophile, the Marantz Melody X has an elegant design and created with high quality materials. It features four channels of high-efficiency, low-distortion digital audio amplification, allowing users to drive two pairs of loudspeakers with independent volume control for each pair. 

Alternatively, it can be configured to drive a single pair of speakers in audiophile bi-amping mode or in unique PBTL Mode with double the output power. 

The integrated HEOS technology allows homeowners to listen to digital music controlled via an app. Users can stream music from a number of streaming services from an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV synced to the speakers from AirPlay 2 sources. This can be done through additional HEOS components such as the HEOS speaker range or other HEOS-capable receivers. 

Giving more control options, homeowners can use voice commands to control the system. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri, users can switch between different voice assistants or just use their favourite.

A digital TV or cable/satellite set-up box and a Blu-ray or DVD player can be connected to the hi-fi system using either of the two digital audio inputs to give a full-dynamic-range digital audio playback. It also automatically turns on when it senses an audio signal from the television and can also be programmed to work with the TV remote to control things like volume and source selection.

The Melody X is available now in elegant black or classic silver-gold finishes for £629.