Nortek Security & Control shows products at ISE to enhance the smart home

Amongst a vast array of products on show at ISE, Nortek Security & Control (NSC) highlighted the latest IntelliVision face recognition and video analytics technologies through its new ELAN Intelligent Touch Panels and ELAN Intelligent Video Doorbell.

Commenting on the new products being shown, NSC senior marketing director, Bill Hensley said: “We are integrating advanced video analytics and face recognition with our smart home control technologies to empower users to go beyond the smart home experience that they’re used to. With these advancements, the smart home is becoming increasingly intuitive and personalised.” 

The new ELAN Intelligent Touch Panels features IntelliVision’s face recognition technology to make the user experience more bespoke when controlling the smart home. The panels have a high-resolution touch screen interface with a built-in microphone to enable voice controls with Amazon Alexa.  


“Imagine that your touch panel identifies you as you approach and then displays a custom menu of options, sets your preferred lighting and temperature, and turns on your favourite music,” continued Hensley. “Your system is becoming intuitive to your lifestyle.”

Also on show, the new ELAN Intelligent Video Doorbell adds security to the home through IntelliVision analytics. Users are notified when someone is at the door, and using the camera, can then decide how to react. Even when the user is not home, they can decide whether to allow the visitor access to the property or not. The doorbell camera integrates IntelliVision advanced motion analytics to accurately identify between people and moving objects such as cars or swaying trees. 

NSC also announced the ELAN 8.3 software update, featuring expanded support for the growing line of ELAN Surveillance Cameras, plus IntelliVision video analytics. This technology employs new advanced object detection to minimise false positive alerts. 


New ELAN Surveillance Configuration and Recording options are now available to the user in the Viewer Tab through this update. A recording schedule can now be set, choosing between Constant, Motion Only, or Custom Modes. The Custom Mode allows users to create a schedule and apply to all channels, setting, clearing and customising motion areas and sensitivity with motion-only and weighted recording support. 

“The new capabilities offered by the ELAN Surveillance Camera line lets users define a custom ‘survey area’ for advanced motion detection, and set sensitivity, object size, width parameters, and scene types,” explains Tom McKeon, NSC director of Software Product Management. “The system can distinguish between a ‘person’ and a general motion event – like a tree swaying in the wind – that is a primary reason people turn off their alerts.”