Peer Review: Pakedge's NP36 Network Patroller

Pakedge's NP36 Network Patroller reviewed by Durgesh Sinh of EasyComp based in London, UK. 

Why did you choose this product? Having recently discovered Pakedge’s BakPak Cloud Management System (CMS), the NP36 has proved to be invaluable for remote maintenance. The NP36 is a 1U-sized piece of hardware that provides access to Pakedge’s for remote monitoring and management of networks for multiple projects from a single interface.

Screen-Shot-2015-12-07-at-10What do you like about using it? With an NP36 installed at each active project, we have an effective tool for viewing network maps, checking device status, performing remote troubleshooting and more. It is very easy to setup, and integrates very well with other Pakedge products including their Power Distribution Units. In this way, the NP36 makes it easy for us to access any of our networks using BakPak and power cycle equipment without having to visit the site, allowing us to provide a much better service to clients. 

What additional features would you like to see? Generally, we’re very impressed with the NP36, although it would be helpful to see more devices within the preloaded database which would save us time adding third party devices during the set up and configuration process.

In which applications are you using the product? We’re using the NP36 in both residential and commercial projects to monitor the status of all installed equipment as it allows us secure remote access to all devices on the network. From our perspective, it’s helping us grow our after-sales service business and sets us apart from the competition.

Durgesh Sinh is the Director of EasyComp Ltd. Based in central London, EasyComp provides effective and comprehensive solutions to the growing technological requirements of businesses and individuals alike. 

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