PIEGA launches Premium Wireless Gen2 Series loudspeaker

PIEGA has announced the second generation of its popular Premium Wireless loudspeaker range, updating the wireless, active high-end loudspeaker system with advanced streaming options.

Premium Wireless Gen2 is a feature rich, high-end loudspeaker system with amplification and wireless streaming built in.

Made up of three models, the Premium 301 Wireless Gen2, the Premium 501 Wireless Gen2, and Premium 701 Wireless Gen2, the new line up of active speakers use PIEGA’s signature aluminium cabinets and offer high-quality transducer technology and flexibility in wireless playback options.

It also features a new room calibration system and sealed (non-ported) cabinets to deliver a balanced, dynamic, and engaging sound in any room and with a wide range of sources.

With extensive wireless and legacy connectivity, all three models in the Premium Wireless Gen2 range are versatile, simple to set up, easy to use and connect wirelessly to wide range of sources using the separately available PIEGA connect plus as a hub. The range has built in network functionality and compatibility with Apple AirPlay, Google Chromecast, Roon Ready, Spotify Connect, DLNA and Bluetooth.

HDMI-ARC is also included to give simple back-connection from video-centric devices and the connect hub can be connected to virtually any existing installation with a TV. Classic analogue and digital inputs turn every PIEGA Premium Wireless Gen2 combination into an audiophile system offering a wider choice of sources.

The high-tech preamplifier section, including hi-res D/A converter and control system, is built into the compact PIEGA connect plus hub. The wireless control centre can be installed concealed near wires sources, such as a CD player, turntable, TV or computer. The hub is controlled via its bidirectional radio remote control or the PIEGA Control App for iOS and Android devices.

Transmission between the connect plus hub and the loudspeakers is completely lossless and uncompressed, with a resolution of up to 96kHz and 24 bits. The only connection required for each loudspeaker is a discrete power cable for a high-end, elegant finish in any room.

Two important upgrades from the first-generation models ensure that the new models deliver room-filling, detailed sound even in acoustically challenging environments. With the introduction of the second-generation, PIEGA has dispensed with bass reflex porting in favour of sealed cabinets. The move benefits impulse reproduction and low-frequency precision, and allows greater flexibility in placement, for example in the corner of a room.

The iOS version of the PIEGA Control app and an iPhone can also be used to calibrate the speakers to the existing room acoustics and the placement in the frequency range below 500 Hz. Further tonal adjustments to the listening taste and the room acoustics in the mid and high frequencies are possible with the equaliser in the app.

The Premium 501 Wireless Gen2 and 701 Wireless Gen2 are fully active three-way designs with each driver (high/mid/low) having its own amplifier branch. A total output of 180 or 200 watts for the floorstanders and 100 watts for the compact model offers a lot of headroom and dynamic music reproduction.

Unlike the first-generation models, the floorstanding models are equipped with additional woofers in order to combine the dynamic reserves of the previous bass reflex models with the precision of closed bass cabinets.

All models are available immediately in brushed aluminium, black anodised or white lacquered.

The PIEGA Premium 301 Wireless Gen2 has an RRP of £2,950 / £3,350 pair; the PIEGA Premium 501 Wireless Gen2 has an RRP of £5,950 / £6,350 pair; the PIEGA Premium 701 Wireless Gen2 has an RRP of £7,500 / £7,900 pair. The PIEGA connect plus is priced at £590 and the PIEGA connect (transmitter without streaming) is priced at £290.

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