Pro-Ject celebrates 30 years with Debut PRO

Marking its 30th anniversary, Pro-Ject has introduced the Debut PRO, its anniversary turntable.

The latest addition to the Austrian company’s Debut range of affordable turntables takes it back to its roots but features multiple enhancements for improved performance.

A completely new design, its modern, simple and elegant design features aluminium components with nickel finishes for a hard, resistant surface.

One of the biggest changes is the addition of a completely new cartridge. Made in Europe in cooperation with Ortofon, the Pick it PRO cartridge delivers a more lively and robust sound with big dynamic range.

The Debut PRO features a new 8.6” one-piece carbon-aluminium sandwich tonearm, with the carbon layer providing rigidity and the inner aluminium tube taking over the damping of the tonearm. This construction creates a stiff and uniquely dampened tonearm for accurate tracking of the record groove.

Both the azimuth and vertical tracking angle can be adjusted as well as the tonearm height. This can allow for the use of different turntable mats or other cartridges to always achieve the best sound quality.

The turntable is electronically controlled to ensure the most accurate and stable speeds. A toggle switch allows the user to change speeds easily. The supplied round belt at 78 rpm allows users to listen to shellac records. Featuring the new motor suspension, responsible for the decoupling of the motor, no motor vibrations reach the pickup.

The die-cast aluminium platter is reworked and precision balanced, and features a ring made of thermoplastic elastomer on the inside to dampen all resonances.

The Debut PRO will be available in Satin Black Finish from August with an SRP of £699.