Questyle Audio Engineering launch flagship Current Mode Amplification

Following its success at being the first engineers to transition the concept of current amplification from video to audio 15 years ago, Questyle Audio Engineering is releasing the CMA Fifteen flagship product to commemorate their achievement.

Questyle’s patented Current Mode Amplification uses current instead of voltage to amplify audio signals, leading to major performance improvements when compared to traditional audio amplifiers.

The new flagship CMA Fifteen greatly improves the popular CMA Twelve, becoming the first Questyle headphone amp and DAC to feature the ESS SABER ES9038PRO, the high-performance 32-bit DAC.

To cater to modern listening methods, the CMA Fifteen includes new input options for Bluetooth 5.0 with LDAC support, USB Type-C, and analogue RCA inputs, as well as the standard USB Type-B, S/PDIF, and optical inputs. The CMA Fifteen also supports up to DSD 512, PCM 705.6/768, and MQA full decoding, as well as Apple Music Hi-Res Lossless (up to 24-bit/192kHz) when connected to Apple devices via USB.

As a multifunctional unit that allows listeners to enjoy any audio file type from any source, the CMA Fifteen also has the ability to serve as either a DAC and integrated headphone amp, or as a DAC and preamp for an external stereo system thanks to its variety of output options. It can even be used as an analogue RCA amp/preamp when enjoying vinyl records.

Reflecting on the company’s progress over the last 15 years, Jason Wong, the founder and CEO of Questyle said: “We’ve built upon these last 15 years of research to reach even further, and to bring Current Mode Amplification to its highest pinnacle yet with the CMA Fifteen. We have even spent the last three years of pre-research working with ESS on integrating the ES9038PRO.”