Screen Innovations tackles high ceilings with Zero-G ’˜Long Drop’

Screen Innovations has announced that is it now shipping the Zero-G Long Drop screen, designed for residential and commercial environments, ahead of its debut at CEDIA 2018.

SI’s latest incarnation of its Zero-G screen has been introduced for high-ceilinged environments where deploying a motorised screen wouldn’t normally be possible.

With no black mask above the viewing surface, the Zero-G screen is instead housed in a two-piece tube suspended from ‘Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene’ (UHMwPE) cables, where it deploys at a pre-set location and unrolls itself, displaying the viewing surface with up to 15.8 feet of drop.

The screen is available in ambient light rejecting (ALR) screen materials including Slate for hard-to-reach installation that also require a high standard of image quality. Furthermore, the area above the Zero-G viewing surface is acoustically transparent and does not negatively impact viewing compared to some motorised screen with black masking material. Its open top also ensures walls and technology remain uncovered.

SI has additionally announced re-engineering updates to the Zero-G chassis – these see the introduction of an end-cap design milled entirely from one block of aluminium and improved consistencies for internal mounting points (by using barrel mounts instead of a pulley system).

“Zero-G has always been an impressive screen, but the long drop option takes it to a whole new level,” commented Skyler Meek, director of marketing at SI. “The most jaw-dropping part of the whole thing is just watching the thing roll up and down – no other screen on the planet offers this kind of experience.”

The manufacturer says installers can order and configure a screen in as little as 30 seconds with its online screen builder tool.

Zero-G Long Drop is shipping now and will be showcased at Screen Innovations’ dedicated booth (#2113) at CEDIA 2018. This year’s event will run from 6 to 8 September at San Diego Convention Centre in California.