SpeakerCraft Introduces Six New Profile Line Modules

2015 ended on a very high note for SpeakerCraft with the introduction of six new models in the Profile line, including the new top-of-the-line in-wall LCR theater speakers.


The flagship audio brand from Core Brands also introduced two new “AccuFit UltraSlim” models for shallow depth installations, and two “Wide” models for installations requiring ultra-wide sound dispersion.

In addition, SpeakerCraft added two new 5-pack configurations of its original Classic AIM7 TWO and AIM8 ONE in-ceiling speakers, designed for production homes and builder partners. This capped a very busy year for SpeakerCraft, which kicked off with the launch of its award-winning AIM Series 2 line of in-ceiling speakers. “The line is stronger than ever,” said Core Brands Director of Marketing Bill Hensley. “The new Profile models round out a substantial offering of in-ceiling and in-wall bezel-less, flangeless speakers, enabling SpeakerCraft dealers to fully timbre-match installations for any and all residential applications. With the new multi-packs for our production/builder accounts and the AIM Series 2 line for the high-end installations, SpeakerCraft is really well positioned for a strong 2016.”

These recent additions to the line will be highlighted at ISE 2016, giving attendees a first-hand look. They are led by the award-winning new SpeakerCraft AIM LCR FIVE Series. This top-of-the-line in-wall speaker is designed to complement high-end home theater installations, adding Kevlar woofers and an aluminum-magnesium tweeter to AIM’s patented pivoting baffle. The result is SpeakerCraft’s best in-wall LCR performance to-date. Available in 5 ¼” and 3” woofer configurations, these are timbre-matched to other FIVE series speakers.

The AccuFit UltraSlim line boasts a minimal 2” depth to address space limitations, building code requirements and living environment concerns. The new Profile AccuFit UltraSlim THREE is timbre-matched to all THREE series speakers and features two 3" custom polypropylene inverted dome woofers, two 3" custom aluminum inverted dome midrange drivers and a ¾" aluminum tweeter. And the UltraSlim ONE features two 3" custom aluminum inverted dome woofers, two 3" custom aluminum inverted dome midrange drivers and a ¾" silk dome tweeter, of course timbre-matched to all ONE series speakers.

The Profile AIM WIDE Series features fully pivoting woofers and unique dual midrange-tweeter module. The midrange-tweeter module is mounted directly over the woofer with dual, 2” dome midrange drivers and dual 1” tweeters facing 70 degrees off-axis from each other. The result is ultra-wide sound dispersion with tremendous fidelity, ideal for home theater applications including side channels, rear channels, or height channels, as well as wherever ultra-wide dispersion is needed.

SpeakerCraft LCR Five 
SpeakerCRaft-LCR-FIVE-Series-In-wallSpeaking of home theater, dealers are adopting the AIM Series 2 line for object-oriented surround sound installations such as with Dolby ATMOS™. The ARC Tweeter Array™ in all AIM Series 2 speakers improves the aim-ability of sound, ideal for the “Height” speakers essential to Atmos installations. Unlike the upfiring box “height” speakers that reflect their sound off the ceiling, in-ceiling speakers add extra control of the sound, creating solutions for all types of room configurations, and the ARC Tweeter Array enhances the high frequencies essential to the “height” speaker experience.

“But the SpeakerCraft product team realized that not all ceiling architecture or materials is right for in-ceiling speakers,” continued Hensley, “so at ISE we will be introducing the first Dolby ATMOS™ enabled in-wall “height” speaker. The first prototypes were a big hit at CEDIA last Fall. If you are going to listen to one Speaker demo at the show, this should be it.” SpeakerCraft will be on display at the Core Brands booth, 1-N53.


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