Transparent Light Speaker launches following successful Kickstarter campaign

A Stockholm manufacturer has launched its latest home audio device after its successful Light Speaker Kickstarter campaign raised over $165K from 591 backers.

Transparent created the portable Light Speaker in the form of a traditional outdoor lantern, designed to evoke warmth, atmosphere and the feel of a natural glowing light.

The company wanted to bring the vibe of sitting around a campfire to the home with the Light Speaker, which resulted in the device having the look and feel of real flames from the light temperature down to the characteristics of their movements. The simple, natural light radiates to the music.

There are two controlling knobs on the speaker – one to adjust the sound and one to alter the light from the subtle burn of coals or a flickering candlelight through to a bright white reading light. This is achieved with a vibrating bass-and-light element that sits in the bottom of the speaker and allows for colour variations and a subtle flicker to follow the music, finely tuned to give off the atmosphere of a real flame.

The Light Speaker is portable and has 10 hours of battery life. A detachable handle allows for easy transportation. Designed to look like a traditional outdoor lantern, it is made using durable borosilicate glass and aluminium grills, while carrying an IPX2 weather rating to make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Despite its small size, the Light Speaker delivers a big, omnidirectional sound with rich bass and crisp details. It features a 5W power output, 2.5” full range driver, and a passive 3” radiator to give the brand’s signature sound. It also has Bluetooth as well as ‘True Wireless’ dual speaker streaming.

Committed to eco-friendly practices, Transparent announced a partnership with the Keep Electrical and Electronic Products (KEEP) project earlier this year, a traceability system that allows you to follow the entire life cycles of electrical and electronic products. By tracking every stage, whether that is the production, distribution, purchase, repair, reuse, or recycling, these systems can help economies transition into resource efficiency.

Furthermore, Transparent is ensuring the Light Speaker’s lifetime can be extended to help address climate change and save natural resources. To do this, the Light Speaker features a modular design with long-lasting materials, like glass and aluminium, which allows for repairs and upgrades over time.

The Light Speaker is available now priced at £290 / €320 / $370.

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