Trinnov releases software update for La Remote

A new software update has been released for Trinnov Audio’s La Remote, a device that allows homeowners to control every function of their Trinnov processor.

The new software update brings with it multiple new features, including an added invert video option for the display and a setup mode for ST2 Pro / MC Pro. The new setup mode can be accessed with a double click of the Select knob. It allows users to set volume sensitivity step and acceleration mode, set the reference level, adjust the backlight brightness for both the display and the buttons, and source only mode which includes a basic layer with source selection and solo/mute functions.

The La Remote also sees some improvements through the update, such as the volume level refreshing quicker on the display, providing a better, no-latency experience, and better handling of fast volume changes.

To install the new software, customers should update both their Trinnov Processor software and the La Remote firmware. A document is available with full instructions.

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