Z-Wave Alliance Demos Installer Kit at CEDIA 2016

The Z-Wave Alliance has introduced the Z-Wave Certified Installer Toolkit, a maintenance and diagnostics device that provides information, both textually and graphically, on the health and stability of your Z-Wave network.

The tool measures Z-Wave RF wireless signals, providing help with configuration or compatibility issues as they happen during setup or upgrading.
The Z-Wave Certified Installer Toolkit features include:
A built-in web server that allows the toolkit to be placed in the customer's Z-Wave network and connected using any web browser through Wi-Fi.
Z-Wave Network Sniffer (ZNiffer) functionality - will display information about the Z-Wave transmissions taking place around the area where the tool is placed.
Spectrum Analyzer - will show basic information on the Z-Wave frequency range.
Global usage and language support; Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity with USB ports for expansion into future capabilities.
All new integrator members will receive a Z-Wave Certified Installer Toolkit free with their paid membership. All software updates and upgrades will be available at no charge as long as the member remains in good standing. Additional toolkits will be available for purchase for all Alliance members. 
The Z-Wave Alliance will be offering a promotional price for new members signing up at or immediately after CEDIA. Membership includes free access to Z-Wave Certified Installer training certification for all staff; access to the training videos and documents on use of the toolkit; access to forums, blogs, and other members. For full details on membership, visit booth 1910 at CEDIA EXPO.
The Z-Wave Certified Installer Toolkit will be available in Q4 2016.
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