Alcons adds to its pro-ribbon portfolio

Alcons CRMSC SRHV_120 vertical

Alcons Audio introduces the CRMSC-SRHV/120 reference surround monitor system, a two-way passive-filtered loudspeaker, designed for home and commercial cinemas, studios and screening rooms.

The CRMSC-SRHV/120 features Alcons’ pro-ribbon driver transducer technology and is the first in the portfolio to feature a wide 120 x 90 degree constant-directivity dispersion, based on the patent-pending Alcons waveguide technology. 

The system consists of one RBN202 pro-ribbon driver for HF and a vented 6.5” mid-bass for LF reproduction. The HF section has a 500 W peak power input, enabling a 1:16 dynamic range with up to 90% less distortion from 1 kHz to beyond 20 kHz. 

As part of the Alcons Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience, the CRMSC-SRHV/120 will be on show at ISE 2019 on 6-H150.