Alexa voice control gets showerproof

aquadew showerproof alexa-controlled speaker hanging from towel rack in bathroom in home

The ideal device for the super lazy or must-have-everything type tech enthusiast (or somewhere in between), the ‘world’s first’ Alexa speaker for the bathroom is here.

Voice control may be becoming ubiquitous in tech-savvy homes, but products are most commonly going into the kitchen or living room rather than the bathroom – however, until now Alexa wasn’t showerproof.

“Alexa, order me more shampoo” …Proving once and all, there is something for everything out there, a Kickstarter campaign from manufacturer AquaDew seeks to ensure you never have a moment plagued with the disappointment of not being able to, or forgetting, to do something simply because you were washing.

Calling a taxi, setting a reminder or saving your ingenious idea for that novel from your bath, shower or whilst brushing your teeth are all a reality with the small speaker (which can be hanged, mounted or placed with a suction cup).

AquaDew’s features include six colour LED lights and a microUSB charging port with accompanying splashproof cover, in addition to its WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. It offers 8 hours of battery life and is available in not one but four different colours to boot.

If you want to truly test the notion of our best ideas coming in the shower, the AquaDew speaker is just available via Kickstarter for now.