‘All-in-one’ music system from Ruark Audio looks to the future of home entertainment

Ruark 1

Ruark Audio has launched the R5 High Fidelity Music System, designed to add style to the home.

From feedback, Ruark created the R5 as an enhancement on the original R7 model. Ruark decided to scale down the flagship model in everything but the sound. It is also multi-room prepares and can be wirelessly linked with Ruark’s MRx, R2Mk3 and R7Mk3 models to provide synchronised sound around the home. 

Using the newly developed Class A-B amplifiers in a 2.1 configuration with active electronics to precisely control the loudspeaker units, the R5 delivers quality sound. The stereo speakers have been developed to provide natural frequency response by means of a powerful neodymium magnet system coupled with a lightweight cone/coil assembly, and the long-throw subwoofer provides bass for lifelike auditory drama. 

Ruark 2

Ruark has created a stereo soundstage with sonics similar to a larger system with separate speakers, using the latest sound-processing technology. 

As with all Ruark products, the R5 operates via the RotoDial controller but also includes a matching ‘radio-link’ remote which mirrors exactly the controls on the R5. It can also be controlled via Ruark’s LINK app for iOS and Android devices, making music more accessible and the setup for multi-room an easy task. 

Also compatible with TV, the R5 can be used as a complete home entertainment solution that won’t go out of date.