Amina adds Edge3 to Edge Series of invisible loudspeakers


Amina Technologies has added a new loudspeaker to its Edge Series of invisible loudspeakers, due to customer demand.

The Edge3 has a slightly smaller form factor (300mm x 400mm) than the Edge7 and Edge5, which were originally launched at ISE 2017. It also has a lower price point RRP of £500 excl. VAT, making it ideal where budget may be an issue.

Suited to residential and commercial environments, the Edge3 will allow an invisible multiroom audio solution in the home to be extended into rooms where such a discreet solution may not previously have been considered an option. Additionally, it can be used for medium power commercial applications such as retail and hotels. 

The speaker has a sensitivity of 86dB 1m/2.83Vrms, the power handling of 30W cont., 60W peak giving max SPL of 101dB, and the specification has allowed Amina to create the new price point for the high performance, invisible speaker.

The Edge Series was originally developed for dry lined applications and the perimeter is shaped and tapered to allow joint tape and filler to used in the same way as for drywall gypsum. However, due to the characteristics of the new panel material that Amina uses for the Edge Series, providing improved efficiency and bass performance, the Edge Series has proved popular as a retrofit option in fully plastered applications. 

The Edge3 is available to order now.