Antiference releases DMHD01R modulator

Antiference HDMI 4x4 M2M+HDMI DMHD01R modulator

Antiference has expanded its range of Conexer modulators with the launch of its DMHD01R single HDMI to DVB-T modulator.

Benefitting from IR control, the DMHD01R provides installers with the ability to control devices including SkyQ (1080p) boxes via a distribution amp with magic eyes.

The DMHD01R’s features allows users to create their own TV channels via a HDMI source (supplied over a RF coaxial cable network to digital TV sets or STB’s in the system).

The loop through to the local TV can also be combined with USB playback and instant record.

The modulator has full IR remote control for changing channel on numerous TVs remotely, in addition to Dolby compatibility.