Atlona to debut OmniStream R-Type at CEDIA

Atlona AT-OMNI-512s for multipoint signal distribution debuting at cedia 2017

Atlona has announced that I will be introducing its OmniStream R-Type for multipoint signal distribution at CEDIA 2017.

Suited to residential and light commercial applications, the R-Type is a streamlined version of its OmniStream AV over IP platform.

The manufacturer’s newest platform allows CIs to support any number of sources and R- destinations over the home network using existing structured cable and an off-the-shelf network switch.

“OmniStream R-Type is a solution ideally geared toward projects that exceed 16x16 systems or need to leverage existing networking to provide an any-to-any solution for customers that demand high quality video and audio in a single, unified distribution architecture,” commented Nick Bethard, senior product manager for networked AV at Atlona.

OmniStream R-Type supports HDR for formats up to UHD @ 60 Hz, and is designed to meet all requirements for future 4K and UHD formats. OmniStream R-Type also provides a fully scalable platform to add new sources and destinations to existing installations.

OmniStream R-Type can be powered using a PoE-equipped Gigabit switch or using a dedicated power supply – configured using the free Atlona Management System (AMS) 2.0 software, which serves as a centralised portal to monitor and manage an OmniStream R-Type system.

Atlona will exhibit at booth 3615 at CEDIA next month. This year’s event will take place from 7 to 9, September at the San Diego Convention Centre.