Audio Excellence demonstrates new sound illusion for large TVs and solid screens

Patrice Congard _ Screen & Audio Excellence CEO
Patrice Congard, CEO of Screen Excellence and Audio Excellence

At ISE 2019, Audio Excellence will be showing its new sound concept that creates an illusion that sound is coming directly from the centre of the screen, no matter where in the room the speakers are positioned.

The solution, named ‘UFO’ after the famous extra-terrestrial incident at the local RAF Bentwaters in 1980, works similarly to the professional cinema having centre, left and right channel speakers on the same horizontal plane behind the acoustically transparent film screen, meaning that audio seems to the audio to be coming directly from the actors, making films more believable.

Patrice Congard, CEO of Screen Excellence and Audio Excellence has always made it his mission to achieve “the suspension of disbelief” by exploiting dialogue and action directly through the acoustically transparent projection screen.

This patented technology, with licensing opportunities to manufacturers a potential consideration, will be revealed at ISE 2019 on Stand 1-Q110.