Bang & Olufsen releases BeoLab 50 loudspeaker

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 50 loudspeaker Hero Shot Lifestyle

Bang & Olufsen has introduced the BeoLab 50, its latest active loudspeaker offering.

Incorporating a trademark B&O exterior finish of silver-polished aluminium and oak woof lamellas, the BeoLab 50 features acoustics developed from the BeoLab 90. The bottom part of the speaker is additionally designed to lift the speaker from the floor.

“The balance of the BeoLab 50 is light and refined. This impressive speaker’s footprint is relatively small, making it easy to fit into people’s homes,” commented designer André Poulheim.

The loudspeaker delivers active room compensation by using an external microphone to measure its physical acoustic surroundings and alter the compensation filters accordingly for optimum listening from particular listening positions or throughout a room.

The BeoLab 50 offers Acoustic Lens Technology (at the top of the speaker) to handle sound dispersion of the upper frequencies. This lens disperses the sound via Beam Width Control into either a 180-degree sound mode for movie-watching or a party or a narrow mode for a dedicated “sweet-spot” listening experience.

The BeoLab 50 has 2100 watts of precision power. Different settings and listening presets can be managed via the B&O app.

BeoLab 50s are interconnected via Digital Power Link in a master-slave configuration with sound sources being fed into the system via the master speaker’s connection panel. BeoLab 50 also incorporates wireless technology using multichannel digital audio streaming (based on the WiSA technology).

B&O’s newest speaker is available from selected Bang & Olufsen stores worldwide from August 2017 onwards, priced at £22,930 in the UK.