Bringing renewable energy into the home

EBORD Table 1

A company dedicated to solving the problems of pollution, lack of electricity and energy poverty has launched a side table for the home that uses light to wirelessly charge electronic devices.

The Barcelona-based company, Proton New Energy Future, launched a funding campaign on Indiegogo to spread awareness about the EBӦRD table, a wireless self-sufficient device that recharges electronic devices with renewable energy at home.

The table has been created with the capability of generating green energy through artificial light inside home environments without the need for sunlight. 

The table is completely wireless with no need for plugs and can charge any smartphone that incorporates Qi charge. If the smartphone is not compatible, the EBӦRD table offers an adaptor to charge the phone in the table. 

The Qi wireless charging systems means that compatible electronic devices can be laced anywhere on the surface of the EBӦRD table and it will charge. 

As this is to be used in the home environment and will possibly mean that it won’t get a lot of sunlight being indoors, the EBӦRD table has an advanced system that allows it to capture artificial light in interior spaces without the need for sunlight. The table is also waterproof in case of spillages.

EBORD Table 2

There is the option for the EBӦRD table to be equipped with a high-quality surround audio system which connects to devices via Bluetooth. 

Another add on is the high-efficiency LED lighting system, nicknamed ‘the chill light’, to be used when the homeowner is resting or reading. 

At the moment, consumers can purchase the EBӦRD table discounted by 50 per cent through its campaign on Indiegogo. 

Proton New Energy Future has no plans to sell the EBӦRD table in the future, although they could be purchased through distributors. The company is working on developing new applications and products featuring its solar panel technology for indoor environments.