CasaTunes integrates with Lutron

CasaTunes' lutron compatible music server front view

CasaTunes music can now be controlled from Lutron lighting control devices in the home.

Devices from Lutron including HomeWorks QS system keypads, RadioRA 2 and Pico wireless controls, and timer events, can be used in conjunction with CasaTunes music streaming.

The integration is available on CasaTunes music servers. Now users can configure actions to take place when a Lutron keypad is pressed or a timeclock event occurs via the CasaTunes app (Android and iOS).

Actions include powering rooms, changing the volume, rotating through sources, songs and playlists, and various transport controls, such as playing and pausing music.

CasaTunes is able to automatically discover all Lutron keypads and timeclock events and updates information accordingly whenever the Lutron configuration changes.