Chord Company has announced the EpicX speaker cable

EpicX Chord CompanyEDIT

Continuing the rollout of its new XLPE-technology speaker cables, Chord Company has introduced the new EpicX, replacing the original PTFE-based Epic.

Extending its offerings in the midrange Epic line, the EpicX made its world debut at The Hi-Fi Show Live last weekend (26th-27th Oct). 

The recent development in material technology which presented alternatives to PTFE, offering improved phase stability, has led to the introduction of XLPE technology, something Chord Company has been rolling out across a number of new speaker cables over the last two years. 

Chord Company’s proactive transition to better quality insulation materials follows the introduction of its proprietary dielectric, Taylon, which to date has been the preserve of the company’s ChordMusic and Sarum T product lines. 

Taylon’s high manufacturing costs has made it exclusive to Chord Company’s highest-performing ranges, while XLPE delivers the benfits of improved phase stability to a much broader range of products. 

Like its predecessor, the EpicX has a shielded design that improves detail, dynamic, resolution and coherence. The design is based on the OdysseyX speaker cable, but the EpicX’s key upgrade is the three additional layers of XLPE, creating a very effective high-frequency combination shield. 

EpicX features Chord Company’s recently announced ChordOhmic plugs, which is complemented by the new ‘trousers’. In addition to factory termination, the cable can also be professionally terminated by participating Chord Company dealers equipped with the new ChordOhmic Hex Gun tool. 

This service not only delivers tailor-made lengths, but it also jumps the build queue at the factory. Existing cables can also be upgraded with the new plugs, trousers and terminations. 

The new EpicX speaker cable joins the EpicXL, which was announced in January, giving consumers a choice of two performance levels in the Epic cable range.