ClearOne Issues New Software for View Platform


ClearOne's new View Console configuration management software offers integrators the ability to configure, manage, monitor, and control the company’s View system from a modern interface.

The new toolset, which spotlights the latest in advanced software development technologies, works across ClearOne's full line of View/View Pro products.

"View Console empowers our professional integration partners with a dramatically better user experience," ClearOne Sales Director, Network Video & Audio Streaming, North & Central America, Lewis Eig said, "while maintaining key features of the dealer setup software applications used previously." He noted that earlier tools are being sunsetted.

Key features of View Console include top-level dashboard for at-a-glance system status; device management to add, remove, and configure system components; project management to create, configure, and store project files; dashboard 'drill-down' for device monitoring and troubleshooting; and multi-language support.

The new software may be used either in offline mode, i.e., when View components are not connected to the network, or online mode, locally or remotely, when components are networked and live.

View Console runs on both Windows and Mac and is freely downloadable from the company’s website.