Coffee table doubles as surround sound speaker to compliment the home

Soundesk 1

A group of designers and audio engineers, Coolgeek, has launched Soundesk, a modern coffee table that doubles as a 360-degree surround sound system to enhance the living space.

Soundesk is a modern-looking coffee table with Bluetooth connectivity to stream music from a smartphone, tablet or other device. 

The Soundesk is cleverly designed to look modern with a cone shape base which features an array of five speakers inside to provide multi-channel sound in all directions for 360-degree surround sound.

Soundesk 2

With a long runtime and standby time of three months, it can be used in many rooms within the home. It can be part of a home cinema or media room and can also be part of a high-fidelity sound system for any room. 

Soundesk features DPAC (Dual Pressure Air Compression) Super Bass and a DAAT (Dynamic Adaptive Amplifier System) to improve amplifier efficiency and maintain accurate sound balance. The advanced DSP technology gives clarity of subtle sound details and accurate balance between high, low and mid-range frequencies. 

Benny Lee, CEO of Coolgeek, said: “Our team understands the transformative power of music and its ability to create a relaxing home. But we prefer that technology remains in the background and fits into the aesthetic of one’s home. Soundesk provides the perfect solution, a beautifully designed table that also provides a superior listening experience in any room.”

The Soundesk is available now on Kickstarter.