Control4 puts control in homeowners’ hands with 4Sight expansion

Flat design laptop running Control 4 software

Control4 expanded its 4Sight services and released OS 2.10 software, offering additional native streaming music services, at CEDIA 2017.

The company unveiled a homeowner customisation functionality called When >> Then automation and an AV Intercom App that enables homeowners to receive door station intercom calls on their mobile devices, at home or away. iHeartRadio and Spotify native streaming music services have been added with the Control4 OS 2.10 software release.

Homeowners can “edit” and “add” to the automation within their home with the When >> Then web interface, now included with the Control4 4Sight service.
Control4 is allowing homeowners the direct ability to create smart home actions when a button is pressed, when motion is detected, when a condition occurs, when it’s a specific time, or when a door is opened or closed.  

When >> Then personalisation prompts the user to select a When (on a schedule or after an event) and selects a Then action to take place (turn on a light, start a playlist, or send a push notification). 

The Control4 Intercom App for iOS and Android devices has also been added to the 4Sight service. Homeowners can now receive Control4 Door Station and AV intercom calls directly on their mobile devices. While on a call in the Intercom App, homeowners can activate Control4 automation such as turn on lights, open the gate, or unlock the front door without leaving the app. 

Control4 offers an intercom system with a door station, dedicated touch screens and doorbell cameras.