Control4 releases ‘Intercom Anywhere’ system

woman using Control4 Intercom Anywhere on mounted touch screen in home

Control4 has announced the introduction of Intercom Anywhere, an intercom system allowing users to communicate with visitors to their front door and activate home automation scenes from anywhere.

The Utah-based home automation provider’s latest launch, Intercom Anywhere has been introduced to permit homeowners to receive video intercom calls from a Control4 Door Station, enabling them to see and communicate with visitors at the front door or gate, whether at home or elsewhere.

man accessing feed from Control4 Intercom Anywhere outside homeWith the system, homeowners can see who’s at the door prior to answering the call, and simultaneously activate a scene in their home (such as turning on lights, opening the gate, or unlocking the door or garage for someone). Homeowners are also able to quickly activate alerts such as sounding an alarm, locking all doors, or turning on all interior and exterior lighting for added safety.

As well as accessing Intercom Anywhere through Control4 touch screens in the home, the launch includes the release of an app for iOS and Android providing control from user’s mobile devices. Through this users can see video previews from the Control4 Door Station and ignore unwanted calls, answer calls from guests or accept a delivery.

Control4 stress that “only Control4 Intercom Anywhere supports additional customisable programming” compared to other modern video doorbell offerings connected to users mobile phones. This, for example, allows users to turn on lights, unlock the door, open the gate or garage, disarm or trigger the alarm, or any other action uniquely enabled by the Control4 automation system during an intercom call.

Using Intercom Anywhere user can also dial directly to any or all Control4 touch screens for a video call and for other events, such as making broadcasts throughout the home to family members. Family members can additionally make calls from the home’s touch screens to a family member’s mobile phone or vice versa.

“Intercom Anywhere adds compelling everyday utility and capability to homes – elevating the ‘smart doorbell’ through a comprehensive in-the-home/away-from-the-home peace-of-mind solution that unifies access control, video surveillance, security and interactive communication,” commented Control4 Chairman and CEO, Martin Plaehn.

The Intercom Anywhere app is available now from the Apple store and Google Play store. To activate and use Intercom Anywhere, a home must have Control4 installed, running the latest Control4 OS (v 2.10.3), and also have an active 4Sight subscription.