Hive intros Hive View outdoor camera

Hive View Outdoor positioned on white wood panelling left angle render

Hive’s Home View camera has made its way outdoors, and it’s equally stylish as the manufacturer’s indoor option.

Taking the form of a small, minimalist white cube, the Hive View IP66-rated outdoor camera has also been thought up by Swiss designer Yves Béhar, and can be mounted magnetically to a wall.

The camera incorporates a 130-degree wide-angle lens to offer different perspectives for the homeowner, and streams 1080p live video feed to the accompanying Hive app. This footage is stored for up to 24 hours at no cost, but 30-day storage will come at a subscription fee. ‘Adjustable Activity Zones’ allow users to select a specific area to monitor outside the home.

Hive says the camera not only has the ability to start recording if a person, sound or motion is detected, but support speaking to a visitor to the property (whether welcome or unwelcome) thanks to two-way audio functionality, whether in or out of the home. Automated sounds, such as a dog’s bark, can also be triggered from the camera.

Sensors send thumbnail image notifications to a smartphone as soon as recording as triggered through its video chip, as with the original Hive View. Night-vision means the camera can also spring into action when evening falls too.

Hive adds that customers can “self-install or purchase professional installation by a British Gas engineer or certified professional” after buying the camera.

The Hive View outdoor can be linked up with other products from UK-based manufacturer Centrica Hive to work with ‘Hive Actions’, including Hive lights (designed to make it look like someone is home). Pre-orders are being taken now ahead of an official launch in early December, priced at £179 and $199 in the UK and across the pond, with product packages also available.