Hive launches Hive ‘Home Check’ plan for smart home

front view of hive by centrica home check service smart product family

Centrica Connected Home has launched its ‘Hive Home Check’ service in the UK following on from the debut of its first smart home plan, ‘Welcome Home,’ earlier this year.

Following on from recently unveiling its first connected camera, the Hive Camera, Hive is now bringing HD streaming to the entry-level smart home space.

Its latest monthly service plan is designed to allow users to monitor the status of their home and their family and friends. It incorporates connected devices including a Hive Camera, a motion sensor, two contact sensors and Hive Active Light Cool to Warm White bulbs – all of which are controllable via the user’s smartphone.

Users can link products together through Hive ‘Actions’ (e.g. a light and a motion sensor), set schedules (e.g. when light bulbs turn on) and receive notifications on activity in the home (e.g. if a door or window is opened) with the products.

As well as livestreaming footage of the home, the Hive camera allows users to record activity, log all motion and detect sound, and offers ‘night vision.’ Two-way audio means users can play sounds (such as an alarm or dog barking) if suspicious activity is seen in the home, or communicate with loved ones in the home.

The Home Check service includes an ongoing warranty for all products, in addition to extra features such as SMS notifications, with mimic mode (simulating occupancy of the home) to be unveiled in the near future.

The service is available in the UK now, with a discounted price available for the first 12 months prior to beginning a rolling monthly contract.