Hive unveils first connected camera

hive camera in the home

Hive, a part of the Centrica Connected Home brand, has unveiled its Hive Camera in a bid to challenge Nest in the entry-level security space.

Hive Camera will be showcased this week alongside two other connected devices to be released in autumn 2017, the Hive Leak Sensor and Hive Active Hub, at Centrica’s annual Investor Day. Hive’s leak sensor can tracks water flow in the home, whilst the hub uses an audio sensor to monitor sounds in the home to alert to potential leaks or a smoke alarm going off.

The camera will allow owners to monitor activity in their or a relative’s home and can be controlled and accessed via a mobile app. In addition to offering 24/7 HD streaming capabilities, the Hive Camera supports built-in two-way audio allowing users to interact with family at home with the device.

The devices incorporates a sensor that supports motion and audio detection, as well as night vision and a wide viewing angle. It can be set to record all movement and log time and date which is then stored locally can be retrieved on the mobile app. The camera can zoom in remotely and produce one of three sounds – a police siren, a dog bark or a ringing alarm – when triggered by a user.

The Hive Camera will be released on 29 June, 2017 and be followed by a further addition to the Hive Camera range in autumn. It is priced at £129 in the UK and will also form part of Hive Home Check – a Hive monthly subscription package launching soon.