Honeywell Expands Lyric Security and Home Control Platform


Honeywell has a new addition to its Lyric Security and Home Control platform called the Lyric Gateway, which serves as the central hub for the wireless connected platform.

Through the Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services app, consumers can control all aspects of their Lyric connected home system including the Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat, Total Connect video cameras and Z-Wave enabled devices.

Easy to set-up, the Lyric Gateway installs quickly with either Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity. It also uses radio communications as a backup, which removes the need for an urgent dealer response to communication protocol changes. The radio is user-replaceable.

The entire Lyric Security and Home Control platform, including the encrypted Honeywell SiX Two-Way wireless sensors, is supported by the AlarmNet 360 online dealer platform, which simplifies business management for systems integrators and dealers.