Honeywell’s Single Zone Goes Solo

Honeywell Single Zone

Honeywell has made its wireless connected room thermostat, Single Zone, available to buy as a spare part.

Honeywell notes that the move is in response to customers’ demand for a path to upgrading existing Honeywell thermostats with a new smart connected product.

As the Single Zone connected thermostat uses the same wireless relay box as a number of older products, the ability to purchase the control on its own will enable installers to carry out a simple upgrade without any additional wiring. The Single Zone can integrate with heating systems in a number of ways, making it an easy way to upgrade a system to a connected solution, or a handy ‘bolt on’ to more complex zoning solutions.

The Single Zone can work as a room sensor with Honeywell’s multi-zone solution, evohome, and for underfloor heating applications with the Honeywell HCC80R underfloor controller. It can also offer a useful route to regulating temperatures when HR92 radiator controllers are fitted in enclosed spaces.