IsoAcoustics introduces Aperta Sub isolation stand for subwoofers

IsoAcoustics has expanded its Aperta Series today by adding the Aperta Sub, an isolation stand designed for subwoofers weighing up to 36.3kg / 80 pounds.

Humans naturally pick up bass rhythms more than other tones, and low bass frequencies allow the listener to feel a deep connection to what it is they are listening to. A subwoofer’s large pulsating driver produces energy and vibration that travel through solid structures which can create issues in the listening space and often disturbs others.

Many use room treatment to try to prevent this, but that can be expensive and does not mitigate structure borne noise. The Aperta Sub isolation stand is designed to not only reduce these disturbances but also deliver better sounding audio.

Decoupling the subwoofer from its supporting surface, the Aperta Sub manages the energy from the subwoofer and prevents the physical transfer of energy through the supporting structure. The Aperta Sub consists of top and bottom isolators, each connected by a rigid frame that provides a stable base and lifts the subwoofer off the floor. The patented IsoAcoustics isolators are directional and designed to be aligned with the subwoofer’s drivers to maintain the energy on-axis.

Its name derives from Italy, with Aperta meaning ‘open’ in Italian, which describes the stand’s design that creates open space and complements its surroundings. The Aperta Sub’s shape provides stability and avoids interference with existing feet on the subwoofer. Featuring a low-profile and compact design, it measures at 265mm x 290mm x 33mm and is made to be used with front-firing and side-firing subwoofers that weigh up to 36.3kg (80 pounds). For extra stability in carpeted rooms, the Aperta Sub includes carpet disks with 15mm spikes.

Priced at $149.99 / £149, the Aperta Sub is available in the US from today and will be available in the UK on 7 June.

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