JVC Debuts New 4K D-ILA Projector


JVC has announced a new home theatre projector using JVC original developed native 4K D-ILA device, DLA-Z1, which will be available in Europe from late November.

This new projector includes a Laser light source “Blu-Escent”, realising a brightness of 3,000 lumens, which also has dynamic light source control, unique for laser, plus 20,000 hours operational lifetime. Additionally, a high brightness, high quality, and vivid 4K picture can be produced thanks to the new lens dedicated for 4K and the new Cinema Filter with wide color gamut.

Other features of the new projector include, JVC original blur reduction technology "Clear Motion Drive" which is compatible to 4K60P(4:4:4) and "Motion Enhance" which minimise the motion blurs significantly by optimising the drive of the D-ILA devices; compatibility with “Auto Calibration Function”3, which can calibrate the various pictures under various environments automatically, optimising the picture accordingly to the viewing environment; new screen compatibility for "Screen Adjust Mode", which optimises the colour differences caused by different screen materials; ten installation modes created for collective management of the settings like Lens Memory, Pixel Adjust, Screen Mask, which may be adjusted depending on the installation; and the latest HDMI/HDCP2.2 standard incorporated for both two HDMI inputs.