Karma-AV introduces Optimal Speaker Design to UK market

new OSD Black 4

Audio Gear Group (AGG) is presenting its OSD BLACK and OSD AUDIO lines of architectural speakers to the the UK market through main UK distributor, Karma-AV.

The OSD BLACK range will be represented through Karma-AV, while the OSD AUDIO line will be managed by both Karma-AV and sub-distributor ALLTRADE.

Top of its range, The OSD BLACK line includes architectural speakers, on-wall theatre speakers, outdoor speakers, multi-channel amplifiers, 100V products, and integration accessories. 

OSD AUDIO, AGG’s highest value-for-money range, is available to the UK market through distributor ALLTRADE.

“When tight budgets bear down on design choices OSD’s comprehensive BLACK and AUDIO alternatives will prove to be a great option,” commented Ian Severs from Karma-AV. “We’re confident that even in a congested market there’s an unanswered demand that OSD can satisfy.”