Nooie launches next iteration of all-in-one doorbell cam

Smart home technology company, Nooie, has re-released its Doorbell Camera and Base Station with Chime, offering upgraded features to homeowners.

The new model is 5G capable and features advanced motion detection, 2K resolution with wide angle view and night vision, two-way audio, and is Alexa and Google Home enabled.

For a wireless installation and extended use, the Nooie Doorbell Camera and Base Station is battery powered with a 10,000 mAh battery. The included Base Station enables a chime feature as well as acting as a Wi-Fi extender for the system to lengthen the connectivity range.

Via the Nooie app, users can pre-record messages, have two-way conversations with the person at the door, customise sensitivity settings, and the ability to record video or take photos that will save directly to the user’s mobile device.

As well as 2K resolution, the Nooie Doorbell Camera gives homeowners a 158-degree field of view and night vision up to 49ft (15m) in pitch-black.

To prevent false alarms, its advanced PIR sensors and human detection algorithms ensure users are only alerted to genuine motion alerts. Users can also monitor visitors and interact with guests remotely, either live or through a pre-recorded message.

The Nooie Doorbell Camera and Base Station with Chime is available now for £111 / $149.

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