Outdoor multi-speaker solution from SpeakerCraft demoed at ISE


SpeakerCraft’s new Terrazza Series Landscape Speaker System was on display last week on the Nortek Security & Control (NSC) stand.

Creating a 360-degree solution for outdoor audio, the new line consists of four SpeakerCraft Landscape Satellite Speakers plus the choice between a traditional in-ground Subwoofer or the new above-ground Hardscape Subwoofer. 

“As our dealers have reiterated, not every outdoor space can handle an in-ground subwoofer installation. Outdoor areas with high water tables, rocky soil, highly compacted clay, and hardscape surfaces such as concrete make traditional burial subwoofer installation undesirable, if not impossible,” explained NSC director of audio, Alex Zaliauskas. “We have designed a system that combines an exceptional outdoor audio experience with installation flexibility. Dealers can now choose to use either a traditional Burial Subwoofer, or the all-new Hardscape Subwoofer, depending on their installation needs.” 

The new eight-inch Hardscape Subwoofer, designed for homes where in-ground installations are not possible, has an ultra-waterproof rotational moulded Polyethylene enclosure and a high excursion eight-inch DVC woofer with rubber surround. 

It is equipped with a one-metre burial-rated speaker wire, silicone-filled wire nuts, a rust resistant aluminium grille, and a key-way mounting to secure to the hardscape surface fastening points (with optional tent stakes) to keep the subwoofer secure. 

Where installations allow for in-ground installations, the traditional eight-inch SpeakerCraft Burial Subwoofer can be used. Using the same enclosure as the Hardscape Subwoofer for durability, it has a low-noise canopy/reflector with UV resistant paint to help it blend into the outdoor surroundings. 

Four SpeakerCraft Landscape Satellite Speakers come paired with each subwoofer, aimed to cater for any outdoor installation. The speakers feature a four-inch Polypropylene cone woofer with a three-quarter-inch Titanium Dome Tweeter, and high strength “weed-whacker” resistant ABS with fibreglass reinforced construction. Each speaker stake has a wire exit hole with a wire included and silicone-filled wire nuts. 

Reducing installation time, the Landscape Satellite Speakers have a ‘Pivot and Rotate + Quick Connect Stake’, for simple installation. “We even include a handy ‘ground and pound’ hammer cover to prevent damage during installation,” Zaliauskas continued. “Many competitive installation methods call for using the entire weight of your body to shove a combined stake and speaker assembly into the ground, resulting in frequent failures.”

The SpeakerCraft Terrazza Landscape Series System is designed for use with lower powered distributed audio amplifiers or extended audio zones from conventional AVRs. The system can be expanded to up an 8.2 system, giving integrators the option to buy 2.0 speaker expansion kits for the system. 

The Terrazza line will being shipping in March 2019.